2 Thessalonians Jeopardy

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Category 1 Specifics I:

$100: Q: What is another title for the man of lawlessness?

$200: Q: What is the church at Thessalonica faced with at the time of the writing?

$300: Q: How will the Lord slay the man of lawlessness?

$400: Q: What must come first, before the coming of Christ?

$500: Q: What is Silvanus’ relationship to Paul?


Category 2 Persons:

$100: Q: Who are the authors of 2 Thessalonians?

$200: Q: How will Jesus be revealed from heaven?

$300: Q: What does Paul mention as growing in the Thessalonians at the beginning of the letter?

$400: Q: Why were the Thessalonians considered worthy of the kingdom of God?

$500: Q: What was the theme of chapter 1?


Category 3 Chapter 2:

$100: Q: Has Paul personally been to Thessalonica?

$200: Q: What false belief did the Thessalonians have that Paul addresses at the beginning of chapter 2?

$300: Q: Why were the Thessalonians called through the gospel?

$400: Q: What does the man of lawlessness do?

$500: Q: God uses the man of lawlessness as a judgment upon the world for what reason?


Category 4 Chapter 3:

$100: Q: In the beginning of chapter 3, Paul prays that the Lord may direct their what?

$200: Q: What was the theme of chapter 3?

$300: Q: Paul commands the Thessalonians to do what?

$400: Q: How are you to treat anyone who does not obey the instruction in this letter?

$500: Q: How did Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy act while with the Thessalonians?


Category 5 Specifics II:

$100: Q: What will be the penalty of those who do not know God or obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

$200: Q: What was the theme of chapter 2?

$300: Q: In Paul’s salutation, what are the two things he wishes to bless the Thessalonians with?

$400: Q: How are you sanctified as explained at the end of chapter 2?

$500: Q: What is Timothy’s relationship to Paul?


Final Jeopardy:

Q: What is the overall theme of 2 Thessalonians?

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