The Heartbeat

Heartbeat CrossLife is Found in the Cross of Christ

The Jesus Movement’s Heartbeat Cross is inspired by Jesus Christ. The heartbeat is in the shape of a cross to symbolize the same cross that was once used as an execution device by the Romans. The cross is a powerful reminder of the sacrifice Christ made for us: He laid down His life while taking on the wrath of God, so that we could have life and freedom from our sins. This truth that he gives us life, is where the shape of the heartbeat comes in. Without the redemptive sacrifice of Christ we are merely dead people walking. However, with Christ comes life, represented in the image as the heartbeat. We are no longer slaves to sin in which the penalty would be death (Romans 6:23), but we have been reconciled with God through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6) and He is the reason a dead heart can come to life.

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