Matthew and Austin started out with the vision of the Jesus Movement in the spring of 2013. Attending Coastal Carolina University they found a lack of biblical truth in the school and community. They had one simple desire, to create disciples. Talks began with creating a campus ministry that would lay the foundation of what this movement would become. They held a weekly bible study in the library that spring semester to tell and share the life of Jesus Christ.

The idea of a Jesus Movement began with Matthew in 2012 during the spring break of his sophomore year at Marshall University. He recollects it as,

“I was going on a walk down the street of my house and I was just simply talking to God. He began to show me a desire that he put on my heart of a movement with the glory of it going to his Son. The name Jesus Movement was just ringing in my ears for the next few days but I didn’t know where to start and didn’t think much of it.”

That was until he transferred to Coastal Carolina. He met Austin and began to disciple him.

It wasn’t one of those meet once a week things, it was an everyday let’s grow together and praise God discipleship. We were involved with a ministry on campus but something was always lacking. It felt more like a playground then a forward moving ministry trying to shine the light of Jesus Christ on the community.”

 This led to what would be called the Jesus Movement, a ministry solely focused on Christ and the teachings of Christ with the seriousness and severity that the Gospel deserves to be treated with. The Mission was simple for them, GO therefore and MAKE disciples (Matthew 28:19).

The doors opened for them the next fall when they held their first official meeting in Brittain Hall room 112 at Coastal Carolina University (CCU).  Becoming a recognized club at CCU they had the ability to interact with all the students and start their ministry. They wanted to provide students with the opportunity to learn abut Jesus everyday of the week so held either a bible study or prayer meeting Monday through Friday. The two main scriptural focuses they had was that of Matthew 28 to create disciples and teach them to obey all Jesus had commanded and Acts 2 to create a family of believers that could live and love one another for the glory of Christ Jesus.

The Jesus movement is a group focused on creating disciples and letting the glory of God consume the communities that we go into.

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