My God is Bad

My God is a vicious warrior

With command over a host of plenty, My God is bad

The Alpha and Omega the beginning the end

The one on whom I depend

My God is bad


He spoke existence into being

He created all things

Yes I tell you my God is bad

See He traded the V for C in grave

He is might to save

Better believe my God is bad

He brought the dead to life

A groom coming for his wife

My God is bad


So when the storms are rough and the journey seems a loss

Remember my God endured the cross

Punishment and sin brought upon him

Then a innocent man looking dim

But Death could not conqueror the savior did rise

He Brought freedom and his glorious prize

So read the word you will see

A conqueror

A king

All heavenly things

Oh yes my God is bad


In modern culture the term “bad” when referring to someone’s dominance is one of the greatest expressions of adoration. You will commonly here in sports broadcasting booths across the country that “he’s a bad man!” The inspiration for this piece came from this, to show and express the greatness of an almighty God.

By: Matt Risher